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Ahimsa Fund

What We Do

Our Work

We focus on providing aid and assistance for projects wherever need is most important. Whether it’s people, animals, old, young, rural or urban. We are here to make a difference. We are here to serve those in need.

Covid relief

We at Ahimsa know Covid is an unprecedented event. People are being put into situations that are at no fault of theirs and they are suffering. We are here for them to provide aid for them to get through this crisis.

Food Aid

We fund multiple food aid programs throughout the world. In the developed world we are always thinking of having more and generally not content with what we have. We have easily accessible food, water, housing, medical care. We live better than the Kings, Queens and Emperors of less than a century ago. People in many countries have to spend a whole day just for clean water, several days to just reach medical care. We want to help ease that burden by providing aid so people in places we often cannot imagine can have a better and joyful life.

Medical Care for Animals

We have partnered with several organizations to pay medical bills of sick animals who either have no owners or their owners cannot provide care due to financial circumstances. We have also partnered with several animal sanctuaries to provide long life care for animals who can no longer live or be released in the wild. Many of the people we work with consider animals to be part of their family. Gandhi said “a nation can be judged by how they treat their animals.”