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Ahimsa Fund

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From time to time, “Ahimsa Fund” have positions, internships, and other opportunities for volunteers to work directly with them. You willingly join the cause. You will passionately share in the vision and mission of us and committed to give your best to make people’s lives better using your skills and talents. You will be trained and oriented where needed to embark on initiatives and outreaches of “Ahimsa Fund”.

  • You receive training and other international courses related to your area of expertise.
  • You may travel with the organization locally or overseas for conferences & forums.
  • You will be trained and oriented where needed to embark on initiatives and outreaches.
  • You are given souvenirs and certificates of participation.
How to Apply as a Volunteer ?
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete our detailed Volunteer Inquiry Form below to introduce yourself so we can work together to create a giving experience that will effectively serve community & meet your needs as a volunteer.
Ahimsa Fund is all raised different which is a great thing because we all bring some different to the table. Rescuing animals with this organization was a great journey for my life, I learned you must have different roles in order to unite as one. Thanks alot Ahimsa
Michael Stripunsky
Volunteer at Ahimsa Fund


( Note: We do not have any “jobs” offering compensation; if you are seeking employment in Non-profit sector we can only offer you valuable experience as a volunteer. Volunteers are expected to provide for their own travel and expenses.)